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November 15 2019

November 12 2019

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September 07 2019

from my warped BF

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August 29 2019


A bit of the old Innsmouth, innit

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August 23 2019

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August 20 2019

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Happy birthday, H.P. Lovecraft!
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July 15 2019

sail2live2 auroranibley

don’t know why terror seems like the correct emotional reaction to this but it is


From someone who sails and reads a lot of books about the history of sailing? Terror is entirely the correct emotional reaction.


I mean, what the holy fuck does one do should R'lyeh rise hard by one’s ship whilst one is there?!

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July 03 2019

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June 20 2019


Samurai helmet (kabuko) shaped like an octopus. About 18th century, Japan

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June 19 2019

Walter F Martin, Robert Wallace Martin and Edwin Martin clearly muttering fell incantations over their handiwork


Blighty’s Ministry of No Fun Allowed* has continued to live up to its nickname by slapping an export ban on a fugly crab ornament that by all rights should be locked in a chest and slung into the deepest abyss never to be seen again.


With a malevolent anthropomorphic grin smeared across its face, the salt-glazed stoneware crafted by the Martin Brothers looks like an unholy relic that, if awakened, would have no qualms devouring the population of a small town.


And yet arts minister Rebecca Pow, based on recommendations made by the Reviewing Committee on the Export of Works of Art and Objects of Cultural Interest, is pretty insistent that it stays put in our green and pleasant land.


London’s Martin Brothers are by all accounts leg ends of the pottery world. Active from the embers of the 19th century into the early 20th, they “produced a distinct type of ceramic sculpture and pottery inspired by gothic art and the natural world,” the ministry burbled. 


 A quick clatter on the Google machine reveals that, yes, when they stuck to standard pottery their work was arguably quite handsome. However, if they dabbled in depictions of the natural world, the results resonated with eldritch horror.


Nevertheless, Martin pieces can fetch a pretty penny at auction. The crab-like aberration in question – which is definitely fine to leave in the dark while you go to another room – apparently sold for $250,000 in New York.


But an export bar means the accursed thing will remain in the UK for the time being, with the government cautioning that it’s “at risk of being lost abroad unless a buyer can be found to match the £217,250 + VAT of £43,450 asking price”. 


* Otherwise known as the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport.  

UK.gov whacks export ban on ‘grotesque’ crab made by famous Brit potter bros • What? We’re not afraid it’ll attack us in our sleep. Are you? • The Register

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May 07 2019

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March 21 2019

The Dunwich Horror By Jeremy Wilson
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March 08 2019

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Via my eldritch Better Half & ARKHAM

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March 05 2019

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February 13 2019

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February 04 2019

Cutethulhu immortal baby
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